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Again, No Art

Sorry guys, still no art. I've done some, but I've been to lazy to update.

I am here to talk about one thing though.
That's right. T-E-A. My drink of choice, after cocoa of course.

I drink a lot of tea. I have peppermint tea, for ucky stomachs, Lemon Tea for a quick pick me up, Sleepy tea for night time, Tension Tamer tea for days I wanna pull my hair out, Pear tea for a sweet snack, Sweet Nutcracker tea when I *really* need something seasonal, and my favorite, Jasmine green.

Now, my Tension tea is new. I had never tried this before, but Bunny {my husband} went to the store, and brought me home Extra-Sleepy tea, and the Tension tamer. Now let me tell you this. Tension tamer is STRONG. I think he may have over steeped bow wow does it have a kicker! It's cool mints, with a strong spice undertone. It's not to bad, I assume, when done properly. It did work though, it calmed me down from a rough day.

I'm making up a cuppa of SleepyTime Extra now, and I can already tell you, it will be good. Nothing is better than a good hot cuppa tea before bed.
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First Post

First entry here, and I have nothing to show!

I apologize. I have a ton of art done, but honestly I have yet to scan it and clean it up.

Most of them are really ugly doodles anyways.

But I'll post them in as thumbnails next post :)

I promise.

MagusManx OUT!

I can't belive I typed that.
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